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Health & Travel Certificates

If you have plans to travel with your pet, preparation is essential. Avoid potential hurdles along the way by scheduling an appointment to obtain a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection for your pet as soon as you are aware of the dates you will be traveling.

Traveling With Your Pet

If you plan to travel out of the country with your pet, you’ll need to obtain an International Health Certificate. Planning is essential to avoiding delays and inconveniences when traveling, so call us to schedule a visit as soon as you know the dates you will be traveling.

The veterinarians at Pound Ridge Veterinary Center are federally accredited to issue a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. To issue the certificate, your pet must be healthy enough for travel, free of diseases and infections, parasite-free, and current on necessary vaccinations.

If you will be traveling by air, keep in mind that most airlines require a health travel certificate at least ten days before departure. For your pet’s safety, we recommend bringing your pet in the passenger cabin with you and booking direct flights.

We encourage you to do some research on your own and check USDA pet travel regulations specific to your destination. Although less common, we are also able to complete domestic health certificates.

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