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At Pound Ridge Veterinary Center, we offer a complete list of veterinary medical services for dogs, cats, and small mammals. Our doctors and staff understand the power of preventative care in achieving optimal wellness in pets, and have years of experience in diagnostics, dentistry, and surgery.

Preventative Care

Wellness care is important at every age. That is why our clinical team recommends all pets visit us once or twice a year for comprehensive wellness checks. Whether you have a new puppy or a senior cat, our doctors have the clinical know-how and available resources to support your pet at every age.

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Diagnostic Care

For sick pets, understanding the nature of the health concern speeds treatment. Medical histories and physical examinations don’t always tell the whole story, which is why our clinical team relies on up-to-date in-house lab equipment, radiology and imaging technology, and trusted reference laboratories.

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Veterinary Pet Surgery

When your pet needs surgery you want to turn to someone who you can trust. At Pound Ridge Veterinary Center, you can count on our medical team to help put your mind at ease by thoroughly explaining the procedure, the risks, the benefits, and anticipated recovery period.

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Pet Dental Services

Just like with humans, good dental care is an important step in general wellness for pets. Oral health effects not only the teeth and gums, but internal organs as well. For this reason, we recommend beginning dentistry services in patients by three years of age.

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Puppy & Kitten Care

As a new pet parent, the team at Pound Ridge Veterinary Center is here to help guide you through your pet's first year of life. The first thing you should do after bringing your new pet home is to call us to schedule their first wellness visit.

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Senior Pet Care

Pets reach their golden years much sooner than humans do. Did you know your pet is considered a senior by the age of 8 years old? The good news is, with more frequent veterinary visits, special attention, and TLC, pets are living longer and healthier lives.

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Located on a quarter mile from Pound Ridge Square on Westchester Ave in Scotts Corner. The hospital is just minutes from the Connecticut/New York State Line.

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